Ali Abouzeid
Senior Linguistic Expert

​Professor of literature and criticism and a senior linguist in the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic. He graduated from Damascus University, and obtained a doctorate in literature from it in 1987, and taught there and in a number of Arab universities. He held a number of scientific positions at the University of Damascus, including: University President, Vice President of the University, Assistant Minister of Higher Education, Head of the Arabic Language Department, and Head of the Arabic Language Division in the Arabic Encyclopedia. A member of a number of scientific bodies: including the Arabic Language Academy in Syria, a member of the founding committee of the Linguistic Repertoire Project (Algeria) and Syria's representative in the League of Arab States for this project, and a member of an advisory board (a dictionary of poets of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) in the Abdul Aziz Saud Al-Babtain Prize Foundation For poetic creativity: Kuwait. Arbitrator in a number of linguistic and literary scientific projects, international awards, Arab and Turkish magazines and universities. He participated in more than fifty Arab and international scientific conferences. He supervised a number of master's and doctoral theses and participated in many discussions. He has published more than thirty books and papers.