Almoataz B. Al-Said
Associate Expert

​He received his Ph.D. from Cairo University with first class honors. He works as a coordinator of the Lexical Resources Unit at the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic Project, and an associate professor at the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom at Cairo University.
He worked as an expert and consultant for language computing and natural language technologies in a number of Arab institutions; He also participated in teaching computational linguistics at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.
He joined the work in the Doha Dictionary since the beginning of his idea; He built the lexicon blog, supervised its development, and also oversaw the development of its resources (bibliography, reference library), and oversaw the lexical preparation of lexical entries and units. He has published about thirty studies in scientific journals and international conferences, in addition to six books in the Arabic lexicon and contemporary linguistic studies. He received a number of awards, including: the Cairo University Award for the best scientific thesis, the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALEXO) award for creativity and technical innovation in the field of "automated processing of the Arabic language", and the Rashid bin Hamid Award for human sciences and sciences.