Khaled Aljabr
Associate Linguistic Expert

Aljabr holds a Ph. D in Criticism and Rhetoric (top rank) from the U.O.J in 2002, a M.A with Excellence in 1992, and a B.A (top rank) from An-Najah National Un -Palestine in 1987. Associate Professor of literature, criticism and rhetoric, worked at universities in Palestine, Jordan and Qatar for 25 years. Head of Arabic Department at U.O.P, Dean of F.A College at W.I.S.E, Secretariat of the A.R.W at the W.F.M. 18 books were published, 9 of which were scientific & refereed, 25 scientific papers were published, 8 books were edited, 5 television programs & 2 radio programs were prepared over 8 years. He joined the Foundation of D.H.L on 3-8-2016.