Comprehensive bibliography representing the Arabic epistemological product is the basis of building the corpora of the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic. According to the plan set by the executive board o​f the project, the bibliography of the first time period has been completed through the following major steps:

  1. Delimiting the time frame of the first time period (from the date of the earliest documented Arabic script to 200AH).
  2. Collecting the sources belonging to this time period.
  3. Archiving the sources through stating their identifying tags; edition, publisher, year of publication, etc.
  4. Historically chronicling the sources and documents through mentioning the year of author's decease, or the year of authoring the book, etc.
  5. Chronologically arranging all the sources and documents from the earliest to the most recent.
  6. Presenting the bibliography to the scientific council.
  7. Incorporating the scientific council's notes into a revised version of the bibliography.

The bibliography of the second time period spanning from 200AH to 500AH is currently being built. The primal bulk of this bibliography has been carried out that it will undergo tight scrutiny and revision supervised by the scien​tific council before its release to researchers.​