Moqbel A. A. Al Ahmadi
Head of the Lexical Editing Unit

He obtained his PhD in "Ancient Literature" with an honor rank from Damascus University on 1/11/2007. His PhD dissertation title is: "The Poets of Hemyar: Their Tales & Poetry in the Pre-Islamic Period and after Islam.  He got his MA degree from the Lebanese University on 2/10/2002 and the title of the dissertation is: " The Poets of Meth-haj: Their Tales & Poetry in the Pre-Islamic Period." Before that, he got two B.A degrees, the first of which is in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Libya, and the second one is in Arabic Language from Damascus University, 1997.

He worked as a researcher at the Arabic Encyclopedia in Damascus whereby he edited a number of research works. He became a member of the academic staff at the Dept. of Arabic Language, and Its Literature, Sana'a University, Yemen in 2009 where he taught several courses such as: Pre-Islamic Literature, Prose & Poetry and its Rhyme, and Manuscript Scrutiny for post-graduate students.

He won the President's prize twice in 2010 & 2011. He chaired the "Arab Felix Complex" in 2011 and is still chairing it until now. He was appointed as an under-secretary of the Ministry of Culture for the Manuscript & Books Sector (2012-2016). He has several referred research works of which are: "The Records & Inherited Manuscripts from the Pre-Islamic Period in Yemen and the Poetic Evidences between the Two Arab Tribes "Qahtan & Adnan"; this work has been scrutinized and re-authored under the title " Al-Asjad Al-Masbook, Tales of Zaidism(Al-Mutarrafiyyah)" and "Indexing the book: TajAl-Aroos."

He joined the team of the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic in 2016.