Yahya Elhaj
Computer Scientist

He received his PhD in Computer Science from Mohammed I University in Morocco in 2001, within the joint European programs (INCO-DC&DAPPI). Worked as a post-doctoral researcher in a French laboratory (IRIT-Toulouse) funded by the Excellence Scholarships of the Organization of French-speaking Countries; He moved to work at Al-Imam University in Saudi Arabia, taught at the Faculty of Computer for nine years and participated in various scientific activities, including: establishing a specialized computing center in the legal and Arabic fields, establishing a research group for computing the Arabic language. He participated with a group of Arab researchers in an initiative to promote the use of the Arabic language in the field of computer science, which resulted in an international conference that has been held continuously since 2003, and an international journal that he is the editor-in-chief of since 2012. He contributed to providing consultations, developing study plans, arbitration of research and supervising theses in several scientific institutions in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia. Received a grant for research excellence from the Arab Fund for Development in Kuwait in 2014. He joined the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic Project (September 2015) as a computer expert, and works as a delegate professor in the Master's Program in Arabic Linguistics and Lexicography at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.