Di Adeba
Linguistic Expert

He holds a PhD in Andalusian literature from Mohammed V University in Morocco in 2011, with distinction. He worked as Delegated Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at Qatar University during the period 2014-2015 AD, and as a co-professor at Mohammed V University in Morocco during the period 2008-2010 AD. He also worked as a member of the Doha Lexical Processing Team in the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language 2015-2017 before joining the Central Team of the Dictionary in October 2017 as a linguistic expert. Several books and collections of poetry have been published by him, among them: the book "Rhythm in the Necessary Maqamat of Al-Zaraqusti" published by the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah 2006 AD, the book "Al-Mufadhalat in Andalusian Literature / Mentality and Forms" published in 2015 by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha, and collections: A Journey Between Ha and Baa, "Arm the Leaves" 2009, and "I Imprint My Spirit" 2018. He has a number of refereed research papers, including: The Comic Letter: A Reading on the Other Side of Ibn Zaydoun, Journal: Andalus Maghreb, University of Cadiz, Spain 2009; The intersection of Mauritanian poetry "Al-Hassani" and the pre-Islamic month, "Come" magazine, v1, 2009, Libya": Illuminations in the Hands of Research on the Rhythmic Structure of Hassani Poetry / Introduction to a published book on the subject 2012, etc.