Khairulla Alsharif
Assistant Researcher

​He holds a master's degree in Arabic from the Lebanese University in 2004, and is currently preparing a Ph.D. at the Research Institute in Cairo. He worked as the curator of resources at the National Library in Damascus 86-94, director of the Arabic Library of the Damascus Academy 94-2007, director of manuscripts at the National Library in Damascus 2007-2008, language editor in (BeIN Sports) 2012-2015, linguistic expert in the Doha Dictionary since 2015. Among his publications: The investigation of “The One Who Loves One for the sake of Allah”, hadiths of poetry, haste of the rider, useful sayings, news for memorizing the Qur’an, the fortress and its key, from the questions of Abu Bakr al-Athram, useful in explaining the poem. Written by: Muhammad Amin Swaid. Researches: Al-Baq’i and his writings, notes on scientific works of Arabic manuscripts, women in the literature of Al-Rafi’i, Dr. Judeh Al-Rikabi, Ibn Jabara Al-Maqdisi and his useful book, articles by Muhammad Kurd Ali in Al-Majma’ magazine, from Amali Ibn Asaker, looks at linguistic issues, total hadith proofs for the Al-Kuzbari, the Arabic linguistic councils, the term abnormal reading in the Muhtasib, a reading in the explanation of the seven suspensions, a saying in two articles, in the shadows of the Damascus Council magazine.