Mohamed Alkhatib
Associate Linguistic Expert

​​Associate professor, specialist in the origins of grammatical theory and discourse analysis at Al-Azhar University; He lectured at the universities of Al-Azhar, the United Arab Emirates, and Sultan Qaboos University. His scientific interests revolve around:
1) The origins of the Arabic grammatical theory, through reading the grammatical heritage, and anticipating what lies behind his speech from the origins and controls that govern his intellectual system.
2) Modern linguistic curricula, extrapolating the positions of Arab linguists in their conversations or investing them, and clarifying the problems of bias in the current reality of linguistics in Arab culture
3) The movement of "discourse analysis" and "mechanisms of its criticism".
4) He also has jurisprudence in constructing a set of "concepts" and "terms" stemming from our Arab-Islamic values and knowledge systems. He has many books on: grammatical thought controls, the deliberations of political discourse, and civilizational values in Islam towards a new human modernity. He participated in more than twenty international seminars and conferences.