Mohamed Chibani
Head of the Studies and Research Unit

Lecturer at the University of Sfax - Tunisia. He held several positions, including: Head of the Arabic Language Department at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Sfax, Member of its Scientific Council and Scientific Council of the Discourse Approaches Laboratory, Member of the Scientific Council of the Translation Team of Linguistic and Lexical Studies at the National Center for Translation in Tunis, Editor-in-Chief of "Asda' Al Jamia" magazine (Sfax University), Member of the editorial board of the New Thought magazine. He is currently working as an associate linguistic expert in the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language, September 2015. He has several publications, including: From Issues to Classifying Linguistic Works (Reading Project) (2015), Remnants of Pictures... Research on the dealings of some critics with Abu Tammam (2015), the unspoken (Mutharaq) (2010), the national linguistic policy of the Arabic language (Mushaktar) (2010), A book on silence (Mushaktar) (2008). Among his translations: linguistic works, Sorel, translated by Amira Ghoneim, the National Center for Translation, Tunis (reviewed) (2015); Views on Linguistic and Semantic Theories in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, House of Wisdom, Tunisia (joint) (2012); Encyclopedic Dictionary of Interoperability, Müchler, Ripoll, National Center for Translation, Tunisia (combined) (2010).