Mohamed M. Ahmed Mahjoub
Head of the Terminology Unit

He received a State Doctorate in Linguistics in 2000 from the University of Mohamed bin Abdullah in Fez - Morocco. He joined the University of Nouakchott as a faculty member. He previously taught at the United Arab Emirates University and the Higher Institute of Islamic Studies and Research (Mauritania). He managed the Center (Research and Development) in the Abu Dhabi Education District from 2005-2006, and served as the first specialist for Arabic language curricula in the Abu Dhabi Education Council 2012-2015. He has made various critical, linguistic and educational contributions. Participated in many conferences and scientific symposia, the most recent of which were: a symposium on "Arabic Language Issues and Applied Linguistics - Doha (2017)", a conference on "Communication and its Cognitive Forms in the Arab Heritage - Agadir / Morocco (2016)" and a symposium on "Research Methods in the Rhetoric of the Holy Qur'an" - Riyadh (2016). Among his published researches: (The concept of language between Saussure and Chomsky), (The rhetorical terminological system), (The obstacles to communication in the grammatical discourse between the requirements of the curriculum and the reality of the curriculum). He joined the central team of the Doha Historical Dictionary on 01/04/2015, and among his activities was his presentation of a course in "lexical industry" to the lexical processing team in Mauritania 2017.