Published on 11/5/2014

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has inaugurated today (Wednesday the 5th of November 2014) the first scientific conference on the Doha  Historical Dictionary  of Arabic in the hotel Regency in Tunis under the title "Towards a Comprehensive Bibliography of Arabic Knowledge Heritage: Phase II from 201AH to 500AH".

The conference schedule that extends over two days, include two lectures; the first is given by Dr. Abdessalam Al-Mseddi, and the second is given by Dr. Saad Maslouh, along with three specialized workshops on the "Jurisprudence Sciences Bibliography", "Literature and Language Bibliography", and "Science, Philosophy, and History Bibliography".

The opening session has been attended by Dr. Abdullatif Obaid "the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League", and Dr. Ibrahim bin Murad as a "Representative of ALECSO", Dr. Mahmoud Tarshouna as a "Representative of the Tunisian Academy for Arabic Language (Beet Al-Hikmah)", and Dr. Mahdy Mabrouk "the Manager of ACRPS in Tunisia".

Dr. Ramzy Baalbaky started the opening session with a welcome to all the attendees and guests, and then praised the quality of the submitted participations, and reminded them with the different phases of working on building the Bibliography of Arabic Knowledge Heritage and some achievements realized so far that he considered a good omen.

Dr. Abdullatif Obaid gave a speech on behalf of the Arab League thanking the managers of the Doha Dictionary for their kind invitation, and praising the project with all the scientific efforts made towards serving the Arabic language. He then expressed his willing to cooperate with the dictionary managers towards the achievement of this great civilization project.

Dr. Bin Murad thanked, on behalf of ALECSO, the managers of Doha Dictionary, reminded the attendees with the previous attempts, and mentioned the role of ALECSO at serving the Arabic language; esp. producing encyclopedic and specialized dictionaries. He also expressed the willing of ALECSO to cooperate with the dictionary board.

The opening session has been concluded by a speech of Dr. Azeddine Bouchikhi, the executive manager of the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic project, welcoming the attendees and praising their efforts. He also told them the salutations of Dr. Dr. Azmi Bishara​ the general director of ACRPS, and the sponsor of the project. Dr. Bouchikhi also reminded with the phases traversed since its launching on May 25th, 2013, and with the achievements realized so far; like crafting the first phase of the bibliography (since the most ancient written Arabic text till 200AH) in its final format, building the corresponding text corpus, an annotated database ready for lexico-semantic analysis, the development of software tools, and the recruitment of a team of specialists and experts. With the completion of the second phase of the bibliography, a comprehensive bibliography covering the first ten centuries of Arabic history has been achieved. Dr. Bouchikhi concluded his speech mentioning the scientific and professional committement of the attendees and wishing all success to the conference.​


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