Published on 9/21/2013

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has held a workshop on "Information Technologies for the Doha Historical Dictionary of  Arabic" on Sat. and Sun. 21-22 September, 2013 in the hotel Ritz-Carlton – Doha within the activities of the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic project.

The workshop reviewed the best of software regarding building and structuring text corpora, Arabic text processing, dictionary writing systems, and e-publishing. An elite of the prominent Arabic NLP experts participated in the workshop, where they presented practical examples in three areas:

-                     The first is concerned with the automatic text corpus of the historical dictionary regarding its building criteria, and its processing tools and their deployment for extracting the lexical material. The Arabic OCR systems have also been reviewed to see how effective they are at text digitization for the historical dictionary of Arabic.

-                     The second focused on the automatic processing of the text corpus, and dictionary editing, where the researchers discussed and compared the different tools for text annotation, indexing, morphological analysis, morphological disambiguation, concordancing, and semantic analysis, in order to know about their effectiveness, availability, and the prospects of their developments to match the needs of the historical dictionary of Arabic project. Dictionary writing systems (DWS) have also been discussed within this area in order to check how effective they are at editing the dictionary of our project.

-                     The third area has been concerned with the dictionary e-publishing whose core with the design of the dictionary e-portal, where some similar cases have been reviewed for evaluating how useful they are for serving in the historical dictionary of Arabic.​


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