Published on 12/6/2016

The Scientific Council of the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic will hold its eighth meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Ramzi Baalbaki in the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Doha between 7 and 8 of December 2016.

The agenda includes ratification of the seventh meeting minutes and the report provided by the dictionary executive body, to be presented by its executive director Dr. Aze-Eddine Bouchikhi, in which the complete production line - from first preparations to last stages “editing and publishing” - followed for elaborating the lexical entries will be detailed; the report will also present, through a temporary publication website, the first batch of the dictionary entries which is composed of more than five thousand terms.

The council will next look for and discuss mechanisms for validating and approving the lexical entries completed till now, preparation of the dictionary introduction; the relationship between lexical processing and terminology treatment  as well as other scientific issues will also discussed with a careful consideration.


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