Published on 10/26/2014 - Author: Group of Authors

The ACRPS has recently published a new book that spotlight the breadth and depth of its research agenda .Towards an Arabic Historical Dictionary ​(439 pages) is introduced by Azmi Bishara’s “A Challenge to Inspire a Nation,” and addresses urgent issues in contemporary linguistics, such as the compilation of a seminal corpus that acts as the backbone and the design and use of software for lexical analysis. The book considers methodologies of historical-etymological dictionaries, particularly those of August Fischer (1865-1949). The product of a collective effort by researchers and linguists from Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, this volume demonstrates the importance of the task the ACRPS has taken upon itself, including the formation of an academic board chaired by Ramzi Baalbaki. Working from within the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language intends for this book to address some of the shortcomings of lexicography as it exists in Arabic compared to other living languages, such as English. Contributors to this volume include: Bassam Baraka, Hamid al-Sahli, Hassan Hamzeh, Rachid Belhabib, Abdulhaq al-Khawaja, Abdulrazzaq Bannour, Abdulaziz al-Hameed, Abdulali Alwadgheeri, Abdulmajeed Benhamado, Abdulmohsen Althubaiti, Ezzedine Albouchikhi, Ezzedine Mazroui, Awdeh Abu Awdeh, Mohammed Riqaas, Mohammed al-Obeidi, Mohammed Ouldbabah, and Almuatizbillah Taha.


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