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1Our Vision
To elevate the Arabic language to the state-of-the-art of the lexicography and terminology.
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2Our Mission
The primal target of this establishment is the achievement of a historical dictionary of the Arabic language that spawns some other goals such as building a bibliography of the Arabic epistemological product, building annotated Arabic corpora, deriving subsidiary as well as terminological dictionaries for various scientific domains, and developing Arabic NLP tools.
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3The Concept of Historical Dictionary
The historical dictionary of the Arabic language is a dictionary that records Arabic vocabulary since its usage in the earliest script to date. This dictionary also pursues the history of its morphological and semantic evolution, and chronicles them with citations that prove the authenticity of the information attached with each word.
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4Importance of the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language
Building a historical dictionary of the Arabic Language means building the linguistic memory of our nation. As the language mirrors the thought, the construction of the linguistic memory is also a construction of the intellectual memory. Therefore, if we could historically chronicle this memory,  we are actually facilitating the observation of the linguistic and intellectual developments that this nation went through over twenty centuries of its history.
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